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We believe that Movement is Medicine. We assess the body as a whole, not as pieces in pain.

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We have limited availability in State College and Mifflintown, PA. Please submit an appointment request and list your preferred dates/times for a session. We will reach out to you with available appointments within 48 hours.

Tentative Dates for Megan in State College + Mifflintown, PA:
Feb 9-14th
Mar 9-14th
Apr 13-18th
May 3-8th
Jun 8-13th

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“As a full time personal trainer and martial arts instructor I highly recommend visiting! The very best around! The therapeutic benefit before, during and after training and competitions make a huge difference!”
Justin Filer

“I have had massages from quite a few people and Megan is right at the top. Megan knows so much about the body and the how and why the body reacts the way it’s does … I look forward so much to when it’s “my turn” to get a massage… In my book she’s the best…”
Debbie Shirk

“Any issues? You HAVE to visit Megan – she will get to the root of the problem and give you thoughtful long-term suggestions for improving your overall wellness.”
Bill Hessert

“Megan is a genius, my back was in severe pain and she used her skill to set by aching body back to a state of comfort.”
Jeremiah Gorske

“I have worked with Megan on both acute issues, which she has always been able to resolve, as well as for overall work. Her level of education in different techniques is incredible impressive and her massages are like no others I have received. Awesome service, consummate professional as well as welcoming and easy to work with. I would recommend to anyone without hesitation!”
Laura Kilareski

“Megan listened to my concerns, and addressed each one! It was a great session and my anatomy is definitely thankful.”
Kelly M.

“Megan really brings a personal approach to therapy. She does a great job of incorporating individual needs of her athletes into each of her sessions and gives you the personalized attention to make you feel like an all-star. Even when she has an entire team of twenty to care for (as was the case this past spring with the PSU swim team), she tailors each one of her sessions to the needs of the individual. Treatment aside, she will make you her number one priority when she is with you with her amazing personality and attention to detail. In her capable hands, you will leave feeling much better than before you saw her.”
Shane Austin

“My husband, a veteran, has had service related back injuries for 5 years. The VA give him physical therapy, a TENS unit, heating pad, Motrin, etc. You get the picture. After the birth of our son my husband’s back worsened. He began having trouble doing everything and couldn’t lift our baby out of the crib. We thought we would try something new and discovered Sport Performance Therapy. One session with Megan and his back felt like “his normal” again. After a second session it felt better than it had in years. I am so thankful to Megan and the tremendous job she does!”
Rebecca Rider