Treatment Policies
  • Do not schedule a session if you or a household member has a fever, COVID symptoms, a communicable illness of any kind, or if you are under an isolation or quarantine order.
  • Face Masks are Required. A barrier will be present within the headrest to allow you to safely remove your mask while in the prone position (face down). Masks must be worn at all other times while in the facility. If you do not bring a mask to your session, disposable masks are available for $2.
  • Contactless Payment – you have the option to prepay for your session when booking online or an invoice with the option to pay online will be sent to your email after the session.
  • Release Forms must be completed prior to returning to the clinic. An email will be sent prior to your session containing your health history intake form. It is required that you complete the COVID-19 screening questions, ensure your health history is accurate, and sign the updated consent form.
  • If you experience any COVID symptoms within 2 weeks of receiving a session, please inform us immediately.
  • Revised Cancellation Policy – there is no penalty if you wake up feeling run down or have symptoms of illness and need to cancel day of, but please notify as soon as possible.
Preventative Measures
  • Treatments will be spaced apart to allow time for sanitizing surfaces in the treatment room and common areas.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the treatment room and common areas.
  • HEPA and UV Filters are in use.
  • All nonessential items have been removed from the treatment room.
  • All surfaces will be sanitized before each session with bactericidal and virucidal disinfectants.
  • Clean linens will be kept separate from used linens and stored in containers.
  • Hygiene will remain of highest importance in a commitment to do no harm. As always, from elbows to fingertips will be washed thoroughly before and after each treatment.


** This should be considered a fluid situation. As we learn more about COVID, additional policies, procedures, and preventative measures will be in place to maintain a safe environment.